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March 2, 2023

Sequium Asset Solutions is a debt collection company

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Are you receiving endless calls from Sequium Asset Solutions? If so, you do not need to deal with this aggressive debt collection agency on your own. 

Sequium Asset Solutions has received over 1,000 complaints on their Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile. This indicates what kind of debt collection company they truly are. 

Let’s take a look at who Sequium Asset Solutions really is and how they operate. We’ll also explore the #1 way to remove Sequium Asset Solutions from your credit report. 

Who is Sequium Asset Solutions? 

If you’re questioning whether Sequium Asset Solutions is a robo-caller or a legitimate company, they are a legitimate debt collection agency. However, they have not been in business that long. And in just a short amount of time, they have cultivated a very damaged reputation. 

Sequium Asset Solutions is headquartered in Marietta, Georgia and they have only been operating as a debt collection agency for approximately seven years. Their bread-and-butter is purchasing debts from other lenders and creditors who have deemed the debts “uncollectible”. 

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Sequium Asset Solutions’ Reputation 

In addition to the BBB complaints mentioned above, Sequium also has nearly 2,000 complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Even though these frequent complaints continue to pile up, Sequium continues their unfair collection practices. 

Per consumer reports, Sequium’s collection efforts continue to violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This makes them a big target for consumer rights violations lawsuits, and possibly even a class action lawsuit in the near future. 

Unfortunately, collection agencies like Sequium rely on the assumption that most consumers are not aware of their rights. In addition, they also assume consumers will be too intimidated by them to take action. Their tactics aim to wear down consumers into just paying the debt to make the harassment stop. Sadly, in some cases, debts that are not even proven as valid in the first place are paid off unnecessarily. 

If you are receiving calls, emails, or letters from Sequium Asset Solutions, you should seek advice from a credit repair company immediately. Odds are, they are violating your rights with their aggressive collection tactics. 

Sequium’s Collection Practices

Sequium, like many other debt collection agencies, is known for frequent phone calls, emails, and letters. If you happen to answer one of their phone calls, their representatives may be rude, abrasive, aggressive, and threatening. Furthermore, if you attempt to call Sequium back for advice, it is unlikely you will reach a live person. 

Sequium’s website is limited when it comes to how much information they share about their company. With nothing but a landing page, payment page, and an employment opportunity page, a lot is lacking regarding consumer resources.

If you want to be on the lookout for communications from Sequium Asset Solutions, their current contact information is: 

  • Business Name: Sequium Asset Solutions, LLC
  • Mailing Address: 1130 Northchase Parkway, Suite 150, Marietta GA, 30067
  • Phone Number: 1-877-362-8766
  • Email:

If you think you have been subject to abuse or harassment from Sequium Asset Solutions, you should seek advice from a credit repair specialist. Odds are this company has violated your rights, and a credit repair expert can guide you toward a feasible solution. 

If Sequium Asset Solutions is violating your consumer rights, not only can you cease their collection efforts, you may have legal recourse against them. A reputable credit repair company can advise you on whether your experience warrants legal recourse. They can also help you with a cease and desist letter, as well as help you validate the debt. 

Sequium Actions to Look Out For 

As stated above, Sequium Asset Solutions has a long laundry list of consumer rights violations. Here are some of the most common FDCPA regulations Sequium continues to violate. 

  • Calling personal cell phones or places of employment without explicit consent. 
  • Engaging in calls, emails, and letters to the point of harassment. 
  • Trying to collect debts under threats of duress, lawsuits, and other threatening implications. 
  • Failing to be available for return phone calls, questions, and advice on how to pay off debts owed. 

You should not look to Sequium to accurately and honestly answer your questions about your alleged debt. Furthermore, if they have a collection file on you, you should expect their communications to be aggressive and rude. 

This collection agency is not one that any consumer should face alone. If you are receiving communications from them, you should seek the advice of a credit repair specialist before proceeding. 

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Is My Debt With Sequium Legitimate? 

There is a likely chance that your debt with Sequium Asset Solutions may not be legitimate in the first place. Many consumers immediately pay their debts to Sequium out of fear. However, it is important to insist that Sequium verifies your debt as valid and collectible. 

Companies such as Sequium purchase debts from other lenders and financial institutions. Many times, vital debtor information is lost in the shuffle. In some instances, they may even attempt to collect the debt from the wrong person. This subjects innocent and unsuspecting people to harassment for a debt that is not theirs. 

In other instances, they have tried to collect an invalid debt, a debt that is past the statute of limitations, or has already been paid in full. 

A credit repair company can help you verify the debt and advise you on the next best steps to take with Sequium. 

A Debt Validation Letter 

Anytime Sequium Asset Solutions is involved, a debt validation letter should be insisted upon. As a consumer, you reserve the right to request proof that the debt they are trying to collect is actually yours. 

However, these debt validation letters must be sent within a certain timeframe, and must follow certain guidelines. If your debt validation letter is lacking any of the required information or is late, Sequium may disregard the letter or not reply. 

If you are questioning whether a debt Sequium is trying to collect is valid, you should consult with a credit repair specialist. Not only can they review your case and give you advice, but they can also help you draft these important and time-sensitive communications.

Removing a Paid-Off Debt

Sequium may be attempting to collect a debt that you have already paid off. A debt validation letter may take care of this. However, in some cases, you may need to do more to remove the collection from your report. 

If a fully paid-off debt is still showing up in collections or being sold to other debt collectors, more action is necessary. In such a case, you will need to prove that the debt has been paid with relevant documentation. You will also need to send a “goodwill letter” asking that the debt be removed from your report. 

Again, goodwill letters must follow a specific layout with required supporting documentation in order to be taken seriously. A reputable credit repair company is your best bet for swift and stress-free action. 

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Get The Help You Need 

If Sequium is reaching out to you, you don’t have to face them alone. They are known for abusive and aggressive collection tactics. If their business practices wear you down, or if you resort to paying the debt, the stress can feel overwhelming. This is where the trusted specialists at Credit Glory can assist you. Reach out to an experienced credit repair company for advice before deciding your next steps. You can beat Sequium Assets and regain your financial health.



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