Quick Collect On Your Credit Report?

March 26, 2023

Quick Collect is a debt collection company

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Who is Quick Collect and Who Do They Collect For?

If you're dealing with Quick Collect, it's valuable to remember that they are subject to regulations under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This offers consumers rights and protections when interacting with debt collectors, such as the right to dispute a debt and request that communication ceases.

Quick Collect is a debt collection agency focused on collecting debts for several industries, including: 

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Financial services

They deal with various kinds of debts like medical bills, credit card debts or student loans. They acquire these by purchasing delinquent accounts from other creditors or debt collectors and even by taking on a contingency basis--meaning they only get paid if they collect on the debt which spurs them into more vigorous pursuits. It is this process which can sometimes lead to consumer complaints.

If you experience any issues with Quick Collect or any other debt collector, consider reaching out to a reputable credit repair company like Credit Glory for assistance navigating the disputing and removal of negative items from your credit report.

Is Quick Collect a Scam?

Quick Collect is a legitimate debt collection agency with over 30 years in the business, and it's important to be aware that they must follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) like all other debt collectors.

Complaints or legal action taken against them are not uncommon in the industry, but if you believe they have violated any of your rights under the FDCPA, you can dispute the debt and report any violations to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It’s essential to be aware of your rights and make sure Quick Collect is following all laws when contacting you about a debt.

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How to Remove Quick Collect From Your Credit Report

Removing negative items from your credit report, such as those from collection agencies like Quick Collect, can help improve your credit score. There are a few steps you can take to remove Quick Collect from your credit report:

  • Negotiate a Settlement

If the debt is valid, offer to pay a portion of it in exchange for removing it from your credit report. Make sure to get any agreement in writing before making any payments.

  • Dispute the Debt

If you don’t believe the debt is accurate, dispute the debt with each credit bureau by writing a letter and providing documentation that supports your dispute.

  • Hire a Credit Repair Company

A reputable company like Credit Glory can help you dispute the debt and improve your credit score if you are still having trouble removing Quick Collect from your credit report.

By taking these steps, you can remove Quick Collect from your credit report and work towards improving your overall credit score.

Identifying and Resolving Common Credit Reporting Errors

Credit reports - essential in determining one's creditworthiness and financial stability - can be plagued by errors that can weaken your credit score and hinder your ability to secure loans or credit. Here are some common errors in credit reporting to watch out for:

  • Incorrect Personal Information

Even minor inaccuracies in your name, address, and Social Security number can lead to erroneous reporting that could impact your credit report and score.

  • Duplicate Accounts

A single account that appears more than once in your credit report can happen if a creditor sells your debt to another agency or if there is a data entry mistake.

  • Inaccurate Account Information

Ensure that your account balance, payment history, and payment dates match what should be on your credit report. Discrepancies can occur if creditors or credit bureaus file erroneous reports.

  • Fraudulent Accounts

Unauthorized accounts opened in your name can become a bump on the road for your credit score. Check for any unfamiliar accounts on your credit report.

If you find any errors on your credit report, you can dispute them with credit bureaus; otherwise, consider partnering with a credit repair company like Credit Glory, which can help to scrutinize your credit reports, investigate disputes, and help to precisely pinpoint and repair errors to enable you to improve your credit score.

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Typical Customer Grievances about Quick Collect

Quick Collect - an agency that specializes in collecting overdue payments on behalf of its clients - has had a fair amount of dissatisfaction from customers over the years, despite their reputed services. Here are some common complaints that some customers have raised against Quick Collect:

  • Harassment

Some customers have accused the collection agency of overwhelming and persistent collection calls, which can come off as hounding and frequently happen at inappropriate hours.

  • Incorrect Information

Some customers have reported that Quick Collect inaccurately reported debt owed on their credit report or even threatened to sue them for debts they do not owe.

  • Lack of Transparency

Quite a number of customers have expressed frustration with the collections agency for not being forthright about their debt's specifics, such as amount owed, original creditor, or how long ago the debt was incurred.

If you are associated with any of those concerns or others, you have the right to take up the matter and dispute them with credit bureaus or file complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

Understanding Quick Collect's Legal Rights to Sue or Garnish Wages

Quick Collect - a debt collection company that collaborates with various sectors such as healthcare, utilities, and financial services - may make you wonder whether they can sue or garnish your wages if they have contacted you via letters or calls.

The answer is - yes. Quick Collect has legal rights to sue you for unpaid debts and, in some cases, garnish your wages. However, to do so, they must comply with specific rules and regulations outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Attaining a court order is Quick Collect's first step to sue you for unpaid debts. They may also potentially garnish your wages if they have secured a judgment against you in court. Nonetheless, federal and state laws define how much of your wages they can garnish.

It is noteworthy that you have the legal rights when dealing with debt collectors such as Quick Collect. The FDCPA states that debt collectors practicing abusive, deceptive, or unfair acts when collecting a debt is strictly prohibited. The collectors also have an obligation to provide you with particular debt details like amount owed and name of the original creditor.

If Quick Collect threatens you with legal action or garnishment, it is necessary to be fully aware of your legal rights and seek legal assistance where appropriate. 

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Remove Quick Collect From Your Credit Report, Today!

Looking to erase Quick Collect from your credit report but not sure how to go about it? As a debt collection agency that caters to different industries, Quick Collect might unintentionally add errors on your credit report. These inaccuracies can impact your credit score, posing obstacles to your ability to get loans or credit in the future.

Fortunately, you have the legal rights to challenge any inaccurate information on your credit report, including those collected by Quick Collect. However, the process of disputing credit report errors can be cumbersome and perplexing. That's where Credit Glory steps in. With a team of professionals specializing in detecting and refuting credit report errors like those brought about by Quick Collect, you can rest assured to attain the credit score you deserve when partnering with Credit Glory.

Choosing Credit Glory assures you that we will work hard to remove all discrepancies in your credit report. Reach out to us today to discover more about our credit repair services and learn how we can help you erase Quick Collect from your credit report, without delay!