Credit Collection Services (CCS) On Your Credit Report?

March 3, 2023

Credit Collection Services (CCS) is a debt collection company

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Credit Collection Services (CCS) is one of the largest debt collection firms in the United States. They work for lenders and creditors to collect past-due or defaulted debts from consumers. 

If you are getting calls from CCS, a lender has likely sold your debt to them. Or, they potentially hired them to collect the debt on their behalf. 

CCS is known for making frequent calls, and is infamous for being aggressive in their collection efforts. Facing CCS on your own can be intimidating and stressful. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to deal with CCS calls, and how to effectively remove their collections from your credit report. 

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Getting Calls from CCS? You Have Rights! 

If you are getting calls from CCS for a past-due or defaulted loan, you have options. While it’s important to not let their calls go unacknowledged, do not succumb to panic. Dealing with debt collection agencies such as CCS can be overwhelming, but you as a consumer have rights and resources. 

First, it is important to understand your rights when it comes to debt collection. Debt collection agencies have a plethora of rules and regulations. They are required by law to follow these regulations when working on collecting a past-due debt. 

  • CCS is not permitted to call your place of employment after you explicitly refuse personal phone calls in your place of work. 
  • They may only text, call, and email you during certain hours of the day. In most regions, these hours are from 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM. 
  • They can not threaten you in any way. This includes threats of imprisonment, bodily harm, or damage to your reputation. 
  • They must identify themselves and the agency they work for. 
  • They may not share information about your debts with your friends, family, or employer. 
  • They may not use any profane language toward you. 

If a CCS representative violates any of the above, you may have a case for legal recourse against them. Consumers have rights that are protected by the FDCPA.

Consulting with a reputable credit repair company will help you determine if your rights have been violated. A credit repair specialist can review your case, take note of your interactions with CCS thus far, and advise you on the next best steps. 

Do Your Homework

If you are receiving calls, letters and emails from CCS the first thing you should do is your own research. Order your actual credit reports from the three credit reporting bureaus and look these over. Make a note of any derogatory collection reports, and ensure CCS is in fact reporting a past due debt on you. 

If you are unsure of how to order your credit reports, or need help making sense of them once received, a credit repair company can help you. Working with a credit repair specialist makes the process of ordering your credit reports and understanding them simpler and quicker. 

A Notice of Debt

Firstly, a Notice of Debt must be sent to you for the debt to be collectible. If this notice is incorrect, incomplete, or beyond the Statute of Limitations, the debt isn't collectible. 

In many cases, a borrower receives a Notice of Debt, panics, and pays the debt immediately. However, these Notices of Debt are often incomplete, incorrect, or invalid. 

The best way to know whether the Notice of Debt on your collection is valid is to seek the advice of a credit repair service. 

Dispute The Debt

Additionally, borrowers have 30 days to dispute the debt being collected. If the collection is not disputed within 30 days, it is deemed valid. Once the debt is deemed valid, CCS will contact you incessantly and aggressively until they reach you and the debt is collected. 

If you’ve received a collection notice from CCS, do not put off taking action. While it is not advised you contact them immediately, you should seek advice from a professional right away. 

Utilizing a credit professional helps to ensure that your dispute is submitted within the required  timeframe. This helps to fight off the collection efforts of companies such as CCS. 

Incorrect Debts 

Oftentimes, the debt being collected is a misreport or error. If you believe you do not owe the debt, or the collection agency has failed to validate the debt, you can contest it. However, this process is most swiftly and smoothly done with the help of a credit repair specialist. 

Disputes must be filed with each credit bureau separately, such as Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. However, you don’t need to contact each of these bureaus yourself. This process is unnecessarily time-consuming and labor-intensive. 

Instead, utilizing a qualified credit repair company speeds up this process and takes the confrontation and stress off of the borrower. Place this process into the hands of a professional to ensure nothing is missed and your credit score is not severely damaged. 

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Is the Debt Even Valid? 

Debt is often misreported and therefore incorrectly pursued as an active collection. Some of the most common ways a debt is misreported are as follows: 

  • The borrower's identity was stolen and therefore the debts are not rightfully their own. 
  • The borrower's file was mixed up with another borrower with the same or similar name. 
  • The borrower has already settled or paid off the debt, but it still comes up on their credit report. 
  • The debt is beyond the statute of limitations for collection. 

In the above scenarios, the collection efforts for the debt should be ceased immediately as the debt is not considered valid. 

Additionally, debt collectors must provide the borrower with legitimate proof that the debt is valid. This includes proving that the debt is theirs to collect in the first place, showing they’ve purchased your debt. They must also prove the debt is in fact the borrower’s to pay - is it even YOURS? Finally, they need to prove that the debt is still collectible. 

For more information on disputing a debt you don’t think is valid or collectible, seek counsel from a credit repair company. 

Seek the Help You Need 

If your phone is ringing nonstop with debt collectors such as CCS, you should seek help from a qualified credit specialist. 

Once you secure representation for a debt collection dispute, the debt collection agency may only communicate with your hired representation. In addition to dealing with the unrelenting phone calls from companies like CCS, a credit repair company can often negotiate a lower payoff amount. 

If the debt is not valid or is not yours, a credit repair company can cease the collection efforts. And, if the debt is valid and is yours, you still reserve the right to seek support. 

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A reliable credit repair agency may be able to help lessen the frequency of calls, negotiate a lower payoff amount, and ease your stress. In many cases, negotiations from a credit repair company save consumers thousands in debt pay-offs. 

If you have questions about CCS or other collection agencies, reach out to Credit Glory today. Our credit repair specialists are here to help. We take the stress of debt collection and credit report troubles off your plate and help our clients get on the road to a better financial future.