CBE Group On Your Credit Report?

March 16, 2023

CBE Group is a debt collection company

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If you or someone you know is facing a debt-collecting agency like the CBE Group, you understand how stressful it can be. If this company or another debt collector is appearing on your credit report, support is available. Here are some steps consumers can take to mitigate the damage done by the CBE Group.

Who Does CBE Group Collect For?

The CBE Group is an Iowa-based multi-party debt collection agency known for vigorous action and pursuit. This agency services many federal creditors, though their most notable client is the U.S. Department of Education for whom they collect student loans. Additionally, the CBE Group is also known to collect debt for cellular providers and other private companies.

For example, the CBE could contact you via phone call, email, snail mail, or even at work. As overwhelming as it is, consumers should know their rights to end contact once and for all.

Does CBE Group Hurt My Credit Score?

In short, yes, the CBE Group inevitably affects your credit score. A debt collector’s report of credit can create collateral consequences for your credit status, especially if these reports are false. 

Although it is illegal to make inaccurate reports to credit bureaus, debt collection agencies sometimes operate outside of these boundaries in a harmful manner. When this occurs, individuals risk financial access and eligibility for certain loans, purchases, or expenditures.

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How Do I Remove CBE Group From My Credit Report?

If you’re being pursued by CBE Group, removing their claims from your credit report can amend potential damages. Following these procedures will help you remove unwanted collectors from your credit report: 

  1. Request a copy of your credit report from a qualified credit bureau, and ensure the information is accurate. If you notice any false reporting on your report, dispute the information with your credit bureau. For additional assistance, credit specialists can help remove unwanted information on your credit report. 
  2. Negotiating a settlement is possible, especially with the proper support. When coordinating a debt settlement, make sure you receive and keep a written copy of the agreement for your own protection.
  3. By requesting validation from a collection agency, you can delegitimize any false debts that have been claimed against you. And, if you’ve received a debt claim from CBE Group, and they are unable to validate it, the debt can be removed from your report. 
  4. Obtaining support from a credit repair agency can help you defend yourself from collection agencies. Plus, it can revive your credit score. 

These are a few standard procedures you can follow to protect yourself from CBE Group or other debt collection agencies. If CBE Group has made false collection claims against you, take appropriate action and get in touch with us at Credit Glory for support. You don’t have to go through this alone.

Is CBE Group A Debt Collection Agency?

Yes, CBE Group is a real, legitimate debt collection agency that services private companies and federal agencies. The agency also purchases acquired debt quotas from companies that have been unsuccessful in their own debt collection. 

Since its start in 1933, CBE Group has garnered quite the reputation and is widely known as a menacing debt collection agency. In fact, they’ve received over 300 complaints on their Better Business Bureau Profile within the last three years alone. Consumer dissatisfaction is widespread.

Should I Pay For Delete With CBE Group?

Many individuals assume that paying the CBE Group will prevent further harm to their credit report. However, this is not always the case. 

Although paying off debt may sound like a magic solution, the process is often more complicated. When you pay off debt to a collection agency like CBE Group, the only thing that changes is the debt status. 

This means that while you may have paid off your debt, the claim will still exist on your credit report. However, the status will now exist as “paid.” Moreover, even though the debt has been cleared, your credit is still affected and will stay on your credit report for 7 years.

These consequences can be detrimental to our financial status. This is why maintaining stable credit and seeking support from a credit repair agency can help us recover from a damaging credit status. 

Should I Negotiate A Settlement With CBE Group?

Depending on the nature of the issued debt claim, arranging a settlement with CBE Group or an additional collection agency will have varied outcomes. Arranging a settlement may either harm or help your credit score. Additionally, this pertains to the specific credit information at hand. 

If your credit report contains a false credit claim from a collection agency, disputing the claim is a more beneficial approach. A dispute has the potential to remove a claim from your report altogether, especially if the claim is invalid. At Credit Glory, we have extensive experience disputing false debts, and we’ll walk you through the dispute process from beginning to end.

Is CBE Group Legit, Fake, Or A Scam?

Although CBE Group is a legitimate collection agency, their claims may not be. In fact, CBE Group is known to issue illegitimate debt claims, make repeated attempts at contacting consumers, and harass individuals into paying inaccurate debts. Many consumers assume the CBE Group is a scam. But, it’s essential that you take their communications seriously. Facing the CBE Group is possible.

If you’ve received frequent calls from CBE Group, continue reading to learn how to combat their collection efforts. 

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Why Does CBE Group Keep Calling Me?

Debt collection agencies are known to spam and harass consumers into paying debts, and these tactics can be repeated and relentless. 

This is why the Federal Trade Commission developed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This act further limits harassment related to debt collection. The FDCPA defines illegal harassment as the following: 

  • The use of violent or criminal action against a person or property
  • The use of verbal threats or profane harassment
  • The publication or listing of consumers refusing to pay a debt
  • The advertisement of an existing debt to acquire a payment
  • Issuing repeated contact with a consumer to annoy, abuse or harass into payment

Debt collection agencies are legally obligated to abide by the clauses of the FDCPA. However, these limitations are often overlooked by many collection agencies. 

Will CBE Group Try Suing Or Garnishing My Wages?

It’s unlikely that the CBE Group will sue you or any other consumer, though it is not out of the question. Be sure to act swiftly when you’re contacted by CBE Group. Additionally, federal laws limit and protect against wage garnishments. 

Does CBE Group Accept A Goodwill Letter To Remove My Collection/Charge-Off?

In most cases, debt collection agencies generally do not accept goodwill letters. But, you are permitted to speak to a debt collector on behalf of your financial circumstances. This is not a recommended approach, however. Direct contact with a CBE representative could exacerbate or worsen an already-stressful situation. 

What Is CBE Group Phone Number?

Contacting CBE Group can be done through these numbers and locations: 

Phone: (800) 925-6686

Address: CBE Group

               1309 Technology Parkway

               Cedar Falls, IA 50613

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Where Can I Find CBE Group Login?

You can access a CBE Group login portal by heading to their main homepage. Receive support from a credit repair agency before accessing a debt collection portal. This will inform you of the legalities that protect you.

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