Account Services Collections On Your Credit Report?

March 2, 2023

Account Services Collections is a debt collection company

You may not have to pay your debt (paying it may hurt your score)

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A credit report acts as a financial treasure map. It is a record of our economic history and trustworthiness, i.e., our creditworthiness. This is why seeing a debt collection agency such as Account Services Collections (ASC) on your credit report may be unsettling.

If you have a collections account open with ASC, you are not alone. There are many ways to tackle this issue. Here is what you need to know about restoring your financial confidence, reviving your credit score, and removing Account Services Collections for good. 

Account Services Collections: The Basics

Account Services Collections is a Texas-based debt collection agency that has been operating since 1970. They are a company responsible for reporting a collection account on your credit report. 

This company is responsible for handling outstanding debts. Sometimes, this means they purchased the debt from the original creditor, which is known as a chargeoff. Usually, they buy the debt for an extremely low price. 

What Companies Do They Collect For?

There are a variety of companies Account Services collects for. This includes healthcare, finance, telecommunications, banking, and retail industries. This being said, they do not specify the exact companies on their website.

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Is Account Services Collections Legitimate or a Scam?

No, they are not a scam. Account Services Collections is a legitimate company that has been operating for about fifty years. However, many of their communication tactics are meant to intimidate and strong-arm consumers into immediately paying off their debt. 

It is common to see customer reviews online speaking of their demanding and, at times harassing notices of debt. In fact, many reviews state that they are untrustworthy, often making a negotiation deal and then not following through. Understandably, many consumers are inclined to hang up their phones when met with extreme demands. 

In this day and age, phishing scams are widespread. It is important to know that though ASC is legitimate, scam companies have the potential to pose as them. 

Here is their valid contact information so you can protect yourself against unwanted fraud.

  • Phone Number: (800) 777-5076
  • Address: P.O. Box 659818, San Antonio, TX 78265
  • SMS Text: (830) 240-7323
  • Email:
  • Website:

Know Your Rights

Debt collection agencies are well-known for using relentless tactics to get consumers to pay their debts. Their spamming calls and notices are incessant, and it is easy to feel pressured. However, it is essential to note that these collection agencies are not authorized to harass their consumers. 

This is where the Federal Trade Commission, a government agency that protects consumers’ rights, comes in. They developed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which is meant to mitigate harassment from debt collection agencies. 

Here is a list of what the FDCPA defines as illegal harassment:

  • The use of obscene or profane language, e.g., verbal abuse
  • Repeated telephone calls with the intent to annoy, abuse, or harass a person
  • The use or threat of violence or criminal action to harm a person, property, or reputation
  • Advertising existing debts to coerce consumers into paying it
  • Publishing a list of consumers who decline to pay their debt

Account Services Collections are fully aware of the FDCPA policies and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In fact, they list their compliance on their website. Agencies such as ASC are legally required to follow these guidelines. 

Understand that you have rights! If you feel these policies are being ignored or you think your rights are being violated, it is important to advocate for yourself.

Our Credit Repair professionals will guide you toward the best course of action, no matter what. 

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How Does ASC Affect My Credit Score?

Unfortunately, a collections account being documented on your credit report is not a good sign. It can damage your credit score, hurting your odds of getting approval for future loans and assistance. 

The best thing to do is call a Credit Repair professional here at Credit Glory. As we said earlier, a credit report is your financial treasure map. Paying off the debt may seem like a brilliant solution – but it can actually do more harm than good. 

Work with our reliable professionals to find the best action plan for you. There is even a possibility of removing this collections agency from your account once and for all. 

Can I Remove ASC From My Credit Report?

Having a collections agency on your account can affect and lower your credit score. Paying off the debt is not the best solution since this does not always mean the account will be taken off your credit report.

By working with Credit Glory, we can assist you in figuring out the best way forward. Removing Account Services Collections from your credit report is feasible. Additionally, there are a few more things to know. 

If there are any fraudulent errors or incorrect information on the collections account, it could be a cause for removal. Additionally, it may be removed if the report cannot be fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

Credit reports commonly contain mistakes. A dependable professional will assist you in reading and understanding the information needed to face these agencies confidently. 

What Are My Options?

Firstly, you will want to contact Account Services Collections to verify the debt instead of paying off the account immediately. It is entirely within your consumer rights to receive proof! This includes information like the amount owed, the original creditor’s name, and the last date of payment.

If the debt is legitimate, reach out to a Credit Repair professional. They will assist you in negotiating a fair settlement, like paying the debt in exchange for the account being removed from your credit report. 

Negotiation is key since collections accounts can be documented on your credit report for up to 7 years. Pro tip: get all agreed-upon deals in writing before making any payments. 

Can I Dispute the Debt?

If you firmly believe the listed debt is not legitimate, you can dispute it with Account Services Collections and the credit bureau. Account Services is obligated to investigate the dispute to prove the debt is legitimate. 

If they cannot prove it is legitimate, the account will be removed from your report.

Should I Pay For Delete With ASC?

Paying off your debt with Account Services Collections may seem like a good idea. You might assume that once the debt is paid, the credit bureau will delete it from your credit report. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Yes, paying a collections debt will mark the status as ‘paid.’ 

However, the collections account will still appear on your credit report for 7 years from the date of the first delinquency. Whether or not you pay the debt will not ensure that your credit score won’t be affected.

Will They Sue or Garnish My Wages?

It is doubtful that you would be sued in this situation. Though it happens on rare occasions, Account Services Collections will rarely sue or garnish wages. If you are concerned, we can assist you in determining the probability of a lawsuit. 

Do They Accept Letters of Goodwill?

Typically, debt collection agencies do not accept goodwill letters. It may seem like a good idea to send one to remove collection accounts, but it will likely be ignored.

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