How To Get Late Student Loan Payments Off Credit Report

Updated: 15th May, 2022
Ashley Astors
Verified Collections Expert

Late student loan payments? We've got the answers.

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Getting late student loan payments off your credit report is a smart idea. You can challenge the timeliness and accuracy of the loan's payment history by sending disputes. If the lender is unable to get verification, the dispute will succeed and the late payment(s) will be removed.

If you're wondering what will happen if you don't get them off, consider this: 90 day+ late payments will hurt your score for seven years. 60 day lates will hurt for three years. Both will drop your score up to 100 points.

There is no guaranteed way to remove late payments from a student loan, but you do have options. Working with a professional is the fastest way to get them off.

Will Navient Remove Late Student Loan Payments?

Late student loan payments seriously impact your credit score. While there's no guaranteed way to remove them, if Navient can't verify the claim's details, you can dispute it. Disputing it with help from a credit expert (like Credit Glory) is the fastest way to remove late payments (& boost your score).

How To Get Navient To Remove Late Student Loan Payments

The best way to remove an unverified late payment from your credit report is by disputing it. First, you need to have Navient verify the claim's details, and if they can't, you can dispute it. The best way to dispute an unverified late payment on your credit report is with help from a credit expert like Credit Glory.

Will Nelnet Remove Late Student Loan Payments?

Even if Nelnet is claiming you missed a payment on your student loan, make sure they can verify their claim. If they can't, your best option for having it removed is disputing it. The easiest way to dispute it is with Credit Glory's help.

How To Get Nelnet To Remove Late Student Loan Payments

Nelnet claiming you have missed payments on your student loans? Have them verify the claim. If they can't verify the claim, disputing it (w/ help from Credit Glory) can get it removed (& boost your score!).

Can Student Loan Late Payments Be Removed?

Late student loan payments can be removed — but only by disputing them first. If a collection agency can't verify their claim, you can dispute it. The easiest way is with help from a credit repair expert like Credit Glory.

How To Remove Closed Federal Student Loans From Your Credit Report

There are two options for removing closed federal student loans on your credit report. First, you can contact the creditor and ask them if they will remove it — which can be hit or miss. The best way is to partner with a reputable company like Credit Glory to dispute (& remove) the record.

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