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You'll need to call each company's credit department and provide one of four reasons for removal:

  1. The inquiry was not approved by you
  2. You felt pressured into approving the credit pull
  3. The number of inquiries was more than you expected
  4. Your report got pulled without your knowledge or authorization

If calling doesn't work, you'll need to send a dispute to the credit Bureaus. You can create a dispute using the laws in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

What requirements need to be met to remove hard inquiries from your credit report?

In general, you need to meet one of the following three requirements in order to remove an inquiry from your report:

  1. You weren't aware it was created
  2. You did not approve the inquiry
  3. You're seeing more inquiries than what you expected to see

How To Remove Hard Inquiries

If your ID is stolen, you can remove hard inquiries by contacting the credit reporting agencies or the creditor (or w/ a dispute). If you aren't an ID theft vicitim, you'll have to wait 2 years for the hard inquiry to fall off your report.

What Is A Credit Inquiry?

A credit inquiry occurs when a lender looks at your credit report. When you apply for a loan or credit — and the lender checks your credit — it shows on your report as an inquiry. Having too many inquiries can lower your credit score.

How To Get Hard Inquiries Off Your Credit Report

You can remove hard inquiries from your credit report — if they are based on inaccurate information. The process involves disputing the inquiry, and a reputable company like Credit Glory can help. If the information is correct, they fall off your report in 2 years.

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