Credit and Employment: The Best HR Blogs Every Job-Seeker Should Follow

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2023

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Today, human resource management is a key component of any successful business. With qualified HR professionals and departmental processes now more important than ever, it's no surprise that there's an abundance of helpful information resources available online. 

To make finding useful HR advice easy, this article highlights the top five blogs helping businesses around the world stay on top of complex topics like benefit administration, recruitment, employee engagement and more. Dive in to discover which writers have the best takes on HR strategy and implementation!


The Assembly Blog offers innovative strategies on how to draw out employee engagement and reward employees. From company culture to employee retention, this blog is giving both employers and employees the inside scoop on how to make today's digital workplace as rewarding as possible. Their comprehensive content provides creative solutions for any business looking to foster an environment of feedback, growth, and recognition among its team members. 

On top of their informative articles, the Assembly Blog has put these topics into action by providing free software for employee recognition. This tool helps companies easily reward individual behavior and automatically thank staff for their accomplishments online. 

Evil HR Lady

For those of us who have ever felt stuck in a work situation, Evil HR Lady provides a source of guidance. Drawing upon Suzanne Lucas's experience as an HR professional, she offers helpful advice and industry-informed insights to her readers. Structured like the famous Dear Abby column, the blog posts offer short and detailed answers that entertain even as much as it informs—providing ample guidance on how to navigate one's workplace from an HR manager perspective. 

Lucas is not only experienced but also witty and irreverent when necessary: she routinely calls out poor management decisions or behaviors by employers or managers that could potentially harm employees without compromising effective advice.


Blueboard's blog is an invaluable source of advice for HR and sales leaders. It provides both abstract reflections on upcoming industry trends and concrete advice on how to best set up employee recognition programs in uncertain times. Those wishing to stay up-to-date on what works when it comes to engagement, motivation, employer branding and sales recognition will find plenty of guidance here too - it’s essentially a treasure trove of useful knowledge! Most exciting of all is the wealth of adventurous ideas shared by Blueboard that can be implemented by anyone with ease. 

So if you're looking for creative tactics to infuse some fun into your employee rewards program, then definitely check out the blog!

The HR Capitalist

Kris Dunn's blog, The HR Capitalist, is an essential source for the latest news on HR and lighthearted musings on life. By blending thoughtful commentary and irreverent wit, Dunn offers up his unique insights in an informal way that keeps readers coming back. 

His advice has earned him a well-deserved loyal following since he founded Fistful of Talent twelve years ago. From analysis of current events to simply rewarding readers with laughter, The HR Capitalist gives us something new each day—affirming the value of great content, fresh perspective and a good sense of humor.


Namely is a go-to for human resource professionals looking for effective, high quality HR solutions. The blog connected to the HR technology platform of the same name guides readers through topics ranging from payroll and benefits to compliance and talent - all delivered in concise, easily understandable language. 

If you're looking for more insight into making your workplace great, Namely can provide insights on best practices across industries, update readers on changing laws and regulations, and even share success stories with valuable tips that other companies have learned along the way.


As the HR space continues to evolve, it is important to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest trends and best practice. We hope this list was a helpful starting point to keeping your knowledge relevant and honed in this field. If you’re looking for more resources or support implementing new strategies in your organization, contact us today! We have the expertise necessary to assist you on your journey towards success.

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