Mortgage after bankruptcy

With a little patience, it is achievable. Read more to learn how.

Mortgage after bankruptcy

Getting a mortgage after bankruptcy is possible, but will take time and patience.

Mortgage lenders will rarely approve you with a bankruptcy for the first three years.

Your credit score post-bankruptcy will drop up to 240 points, giving you a "Very Poor" credit rating.

We suggest 5 steps to qualify for a home loan after bankruptcy:

  1. Open two credit builder cards (payment history is 35% of your score)
  2. Open one credit builder loan (credit mix is 10% of your score)
  3. Find a friend or family member to add you to their old credit card(s)
  4. Find a friend or family member willing to co-sign
  5. Dispute the accounts for validity and accuracy

Mortgage companies that deal with bankruptcies

Mortgage companies will lend to people with bankruptcies. These are called FHA loans. The only requirement on these loans is having at least two positive lines of credit (installment loans and/or revolving accounts). A score of 580 or higher will pay 3.5% down, while a score below that will pay 10% down.

Get Your Bankruptcy Removed Professionally

In some cases, we recommend speaking with a Credit Repair professional to analyze your credit report. It's so much less stress, hassle, and time to let professionals identify the reasons for your score drop.

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