The Business Judgment Rule: 2 Signs You Must Dispute It (& Save Your Credit)

Find out 2 big signs you can dispute negative items protected by the business judgment rule. Also, learn your #1 alternative & how Credit Glory can help.

162 people called & spoke with a live credit specialist to review their credit report, in the last 60 minutes
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162 people called & spoke with a live credit specialist to review their credit report, in the last 60 minutes

If a judgment on your credit report has inaccurate information — or has already been paid — it isn't protected under the business judgment rule. The better news? It's your right to dispute that judgment & remove it from your credit report (raising your score). You can make your dispute easier (& save time) when you work with an expert — like Credit Glory.

What is the business judgment rule (BJR)? (& the effects on your credit)

The business judgment rule (BJR) protects businesses from frivolous lawsuits. How does this affect your credit? The BJR makes it hard for you to fight a creditor after they win a judgment in court (crushing your credit score). The good news? There are certain criteria that make the BJR invalid, and if you find them, a reputable dispute expert (like Credit Glory) can help you fight them.

2 signs you can (& should) dispute the business judgment rule

There are 2 big signs that you can dispute (& remove) a judgment protected by the BJR from your credit report.

1. The info isn't accurate

If the creditor didn't report your info correctly, there's a good chance you can dispute the negative item on your credit report. How often is inaccurate info reported? The FTC estimates that 20% of credit reports contain negative items that are reported incorrectly. Common info that is reported incorrectly includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Dates associated with debt

If you find that any item on this list is inaccurate, it's your right to dispute them and hold the creditor accountable. The easiest way to dispute? Trust an expert, like Credit Glory, to help guide you through the process.

2. You've paid the judgment, but it's still on your report

If you paid the judgment — and it's still showing on your credit report — that's a big problem. Your score is reduced for a debt you've already paid. What can you do? Your best option is to dispute the negative item & have it removed. You can save time (& money) when you choose a reputable partner like Credit Glory to help you.

What if you can't dispute a judgment protected by the business judgment rule?

If neither sign applies to you — what should you do? A great place to start is to work on what you can control and repair your credit (increasing your score). What is credit repair? Credit repair starts with disputing any other inaccurate items on your credit report, which usually gives your score a boost (fast).

What's your easiest way to dispute the business judgement rule: DIY or w/help? (& who can help)

Handling the dispute process on your own is tedious and time-consuming. An easier way? Let Credit Glory — a dispute expert — handle the whole process (saving you time & money).

Choosing Credit Glory for help with your dispute provides:

  • A tested dispute process - Credit Glory uses a refined dispute process, with success removing negative items.
  • Unmatched 100% Money-Back Guarantee - Qualify for a full refund if Credit Glory can't remove inaccurate negative items in 90-days.
  • Best-in-class customer support - Disputes are generally complicated and involve waiting. Credit Glory beats DIY by a mile providing access to comprehensive customer support.

You keep creditors accountable for inaccurate reporting easily w/ help from Credit Glory

Disputing negative items on your credit report is hard work!  It takes a lot of time, effort, organization, and follow up. The good news? Our team of credit repair professionals is here to simplify everything! Let your dedicated credit repair expert relieve you of the stress, hassle, and time needed to fight your inaccuracies and boost your credit score (FAST!)

Credit Glory is a credit repair company that empowers consumers with the opportunity and knowledge to reach their financial dreams in 2021 and beyond.

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Get Your Negative Items Professionally Removed

In some cases, we recommend speaking with a Credit Repair professional to analyze your credit report. It's so much less stress, hassle, and time to let professionals identify the reasons for your score drop.

If you're looking for a reputable company to increase your credit score, we recommend Credit Glory. Call them on (833) 958-1271 or setup a consultation with them. They also happen to have incredible customer service.

Credit Glory is a credit repair company that helps everyday Americans remove inaccurate, incomplete, unverifiable, unauthorized, or fraudulent negative items from their credit report. Their primary goal is empowering consumers with the opportunity and knowledge to reach their financial dreams in 2020 and beyond.

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