Medical Bills On Credit Report Hipaa Violation

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HIPAA does not regulate credit reporting of medical bills. The FCRA does. And the FCRA does not allow deletion of reported debt even in the case of a HIPAA violation. But the creditor may be willing to delete the reporting if you threaten to sue them for violating the law.

Hipaa Credit Dispute Letter Sample

There's plenty of websites with templates for writing a HIPAA credit dispute letter. While you can dispute charges yourself, it's challenging (& time-consuming). The fastest (& easiest) way is help from Credit Glory, who can easily dispute the debt for you.

Hipaa Laws And Medical Debt Collectors

HIPAA doesn't regulate debt collectors, but the FCRA does. Unfortunately, the FCRA doesn't allow for deleting debts due to HIPAA violations. The fastest (& easiest) way to dispute debts is with help from a credit repair expert, like Credit Glory.

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