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Good credit makes for a great life

Many of your life's biggest decisions will involve credit. Don't get caught unprepared.

Buy your home

Don't allow errors on your credit to stop you from getting the home of your dreams.

Get a new car

Don't get denied for an auto loan due to credit errors. Your dream car awaits.

Reach financial goals

Reduce your stress. Reach your financial goals you've been aiming for!

Qualify for a better job

Your chances of finding a great job with errored credit aren't as good. Fair? No. Reality? Yes!

Lower interest rates

Better interest rates. Errors may lower your score, such as debt that you don't owe.

Credit card approval

Healthy credit? Better credit card approval odds. You'll get top tier rates & the best terms.

Repair your credit by fixing inaccuracies

According to a study by the U.S. PIRGs, 79% of credit reports contain mistakes or serious errors.

  • Collections
  • Names
  • Charge-offs
  • Addresses
  • Inquiries
  • Balances
  • Bankruptcies
  • Late Payments

Our Glorious, Risk-Free Guarantee

Credit Glory offers the best guarantee in the credit repair industry (and it's not even close!) If we cannot remove any inaccurate, negative information in your first 90 days, we'll refund you in full (less $100 of your review/setup fee).

Simple, straight-forward pricing

No obligations. Cancel anytime. 90-day money-back guarantee.

Credit Repair
per month + small one-time $100 setup cost (both charged once your letters are sent).
  • Dispute all inaccurate items
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Access to best-in-class support
Call (855) 938-3044
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No obligations. Cancel anytime. 90-day money-back guarantee.

Getting started
is as easy as 1-2-3

No obligations. Cancel anytime. 90-day money-back guarantee.


Speak with an expert

Phone consultation to ensure our services will benefit your unique situation, and not waste your time!


Get the show on the road

Signing up takes minutes; we only need a few pieces of info and a credit report from each Bureau to start.


The battle begins

We go after creditors and Bureaus on your behalf, handling all intricate paperwork and document processing.

Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve

Poor credit and debt can be scary, and the processes in place to fight them can be confusing and intimidating. We’re here to tell you that the lifestyle you seek is not out of reach. We help thousands of clients a month in and around Denver repair their credit and achieve the lifestyle of their choosing. With our help, and a little effort and patience on your part, we can get you the house, car, job, credit cards, that you need. You will get a second chance. No more financial stress. Your family will be secure. You’ll be happy. Good credit has the power to do all of that. But as the saying goes, you can only lead a horse to water. Now the onus is on you to take action. We’ll do the rest.

Call (855) 938-3044
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Speak with a live credit specialist to see if we can help improve your score

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do for me?

Every month we assist thousands of clients in Denver, CO that have been denied home loans, auto loans, credit cards, and even jobs, take control of their credit and attain their goals. Our hand-written, attorney-approved dispute letters are tailored to your specific credit situation–be it a collection from a credit card, medical bill, or possibly a public record like a bankruptcy or tax lien, we attack it from every possible angle, assuring you have the highest chance for a removal. We like to say that the Bureaus must “prove it or remove it” because more often than not they can’t.

So you can dispute the negative items to improve my scores?

By law we’re not allowed to guarantee you any specific result. That said, we are an aggressive credit repair businesses and our strategies are often successful. If anyone can get you results, we can. We hope that our reputation precedes us in this regard.

I have a certain type of negative hurting my score. Can you delete it?

If there are errors or other issues regarding the reporting of said item, we may be able to. We've been able to remove every type of error'd negative item imaginable (you’d be surprised by what can end up on there). This ranges from late payments, inquiries, collections, chargeoffs, judgements, tax liens, bankruptcies, to foreclosures, medical debt, credit card debt, utilities, to child support and even federal student loans. That is not even close to an exhaustive list if you can believe it. The bottom line is that we can dispute whatever is hurting your score.

Do you dispute with Experian/Transunion/Equifax?

Yes. Our disputes will go to whichever of the major reporting agencies is reporting the items you need removed.

How long does it usually take?

The process typically takes, on average, roughly 4-6 months for large score improvements. However, a lot of our customers see amazing results in the first month. The time differs so greatly due to how each credit reporter (debt collection agencies for example) handles our disputes. Some are simply tougher than others.

Are you licensed?

Surprisingly, there is no licensing for credit repair companies. Anyone can do it. Which is maybe why it’s historically had such a poor reputation. Many businesses in this industry survive on their reputation and we’re not above that–we encourage you to Google our business and read about us. Our founders’ information is public, we’re easy to get a hold of, and we’re happy to provide references on request.

Do you have any guarantees if this doesn’t work out?

If you're unhappy with us for any reason within the first 90 days, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Can I still use your credit repair service if I’m not in or from Denver?

Yes you can. We service customers from all around Colorado and are able to service clients nation-wide. We even have clients who are out of country, such as those deployed in the military.

What areas do you service?

The majority of our clients come from the greater Denver metro area, including Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, etc. We provide in-person consultations by appointment at our office in Denver for existing customers and new clients looking to join our program at 1624 Market St #202, Denver, CO 80202. To schedule an appointment please call (720) 575-1121, 8am-8pm.

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Reclaim your financial freedom and speak with a live credit specialist for your free consultation, right now (we're here 24/7)

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