February 13, 2023

Low credit score hurting Loanify approval odds?

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Your #1 way to get your best car loan rate w/ Loanify is having a great credit score. If your score is not tier 1 credit (less than 670), you won't get great terms. Improving your score (either yourself, or with a credit repair company), like Credit Glory, is your next best step!

What you must know before getting a loan w/ Loanify

Loanify is a auto loan provider. If you're looking for a car loan (and your credit score isn't great) Loanify offers loans — with a catch. In general, loans from sub-prime lenders mean higher rates. You can take a higher interest loan and pay thousands in unnecessary fees.

The good news? There's a very simple alternative. Improving your credit. The DIY route is time-consuming and confusing. Working with a credit repair company is a fantastic supplement if you need a low-cost way to take your financial future back in your hands. Companies like Credit Glory walk you through this process, completely. The best part? They help you identify negative items (they can remove) to lift your score (and get better rates).

How your credit score affects your auto loan rate

Many factors determine how good your auto loan rate with Loanify is. Some are easy to control — like loan terms and loan types. Others? Not so much. Your credit score has many difficult aspects (completely out of your control). It makes you feel helpless. The worst part? It's shockingly confusing (even for experts). The good news? You can completely remove inaccurate, outdated information on your report (when you find it). If you don't? Your score stays suppressed, which hurts your ability to get ideal loan rates.

3 ways a better credit score = better auto loan terms w/ Loanify

A bad credit score can cost you a lot of money if you're trying to get an auto loan. Your credit score reflects your borrowing history, debt, and whether you make payments on time. If you owe a lot of debt or have missed payments, here are the ways it can cost you when you apply for a loan:

  • Better term length options. Most auto loans are 60-72 months. If you have great credit, you get to choose what your ideal term length is. The best part? Leasing becomes much more attractive when you have better credit. Interest rates are lower & flexibility to make your best choices skyrocket!
  • Little-no down payment (and lower monthly payments). Down payments suck. Especially when you can avoid them. Don't expect to avoid down payments (and high monthly fees) when your credit score is bad.
  • Better interest rate(s). If you have bad credit? You're boxed into a limited set of terms and options. Even worse, your interest rates mean paying thousands extra (when you don't have to) over your term length. You can spend hundreds improving your credit now, vs. thousands (in the future!).

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