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February 13, 2023

Low credit score hurting Lakeshore Loans approval odds?

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The best personal loan rates w/ Lakeshore Loans are given to people with great credit scores. If your score is low, this financial tool is costly (w/ high rates). How can you boost your score (and save thousands on interest)? Check your credit report for errors and dispute them. Disputes are tricky and time consuming - which is why working with a specialist (like Credit Glory) is your best option.

Making personal loans from Lakeshore Loans work for you

Personal loans are powerful financial tools. Consolidating or paying off debt w/ high rates (like credit cards) is a perfect use of a personal loan — if you get a good rate. The bad news? If you have poor credit lenders (including Lakeshore Loans) won’t offer the best rates. If your score is low (& you’re not sure why) you might have errors in your report that you don’t know about.

The good news? There's an easy solution! Identifying and disputing common errors and inaccuracies on your credit report is the quickest way to improve your credit score. The problem? Credit repair is time consuming and complicated. If you are busy and don't have the time to navigate a rigorous dispute process, we recommend enlisting a reputable credit repair company to help. Work with the fastest-growing credit repair company, Credit Glory, to fix your errors (saving you time and money).

Why your credit score is crucial for personal loans

Personal loan lenders view your credit score as a report card for your finances. Your score tells them (at a glance) if you make payments on time and how much debt you have. What happens if it’s low? You're classified as “high-risk” and are forced to pay high rates. The worst part? If it’s too low, approval is (usually) impossible.

Your credit report may have inaccuracies that are causing your score to plummet. You'd be shocked how frequently people discover errors on their report. Your hard earned reputation may be smeared due to false reporting. The result? You pay (a lot) more and may not be approved — for no reason at all!

3 reasons why boosting your credit helps with more than personal loans

Bad credit costs you a ton, but what does good credit do? The answer: A lot. A good credit score saves you money, but it also opens door to new financial tools. New tools create more opportunities to take control, putting you in the driver’s seat (w/ your finances). A few examples include:

  • Lower interest rates (& more options) - Using a personal loan to consolidate debt on a high-rate credit card is a good choice. A low credit score when you got your credit card likely caused the high rate to begin with. Boosting your score improves personal loan rates and future financing options too!
  • Less stress when financing - A poor credit score creates stress when you need cash in a pinch, because of how much it limits your lending options. Boosting your credit allows you to approach lenders with confidence (accessing the funds you need).
  • Find the right lender for you - A high credit score means you have plenty of options for lenders. Let lenders fight for you - undercutting each other with lower interest rates.

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