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February 13, 2023

Low credit score hurting Dhi Mortgage approval odds?

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A great mortgage rate with Dhi Mortgage starts with a strong credit score (over 670+). If your score is lower than 670, you won't get your ideal loan rates. This means thousands lost. The best thing you can do is find negative items on your report (and get them removed). You can DIY (do it yourself), or partner with a credit repair company (like Credit Glory).

Is Dhi Mortgage the right mortgage lender for me?

Dhi Mortgage offers mortgages to people (like you). They have competitive rates (if you have a good score). We strongly recommend checking your credit score before you apply for a mortgage loan. The problem? If your credit score is low, you’re stuck with high rates (putting your dream home outside your budget). Your options are quite simple.

Don’t miss out on your top home choice, repair your credit instead. If you have time to spare (& you're willing to learn tricky credit repair tactics) you can find and repair issues on your own. Is there a better, easier way? There is! Partnering directly with a credit repair expert, like Credit Glory, speeds the process up (w/ better results). Saving you time and money.

Key elements that affect your mortgage rate

Many elements affect your mortgage rate. The term you select (30 yr fixed rate usually) is an element that you decide. Another big element is your credit score. You might think this is within your control, but it’s more complicated than you’d imagine. Falsely reported (or outdated) information is common, deflating your score. This is a real shock when you’re applying for a mortgage and find out. The fix? Get ahead of the game by identifying and correcting these errors (& boosting your score) before you apply.

Top 3 reasons good credit = good mortgage (& financial health)

It’s no secret that bad credit costs you a ton on your mortgage. High-interest rates (from low scores) are extremely costly over a loan term. How does a better score help? It saves you money, but it also does a lot more. Here are a few financial advantages from a boosted credit score:

  • More lending choices (that fit your budget) - If your score is low and Dhi Mortgage doesn’t offer the rates you deserve, options are limited. On the other hand, armed w/ a good credit score, you can shop around and find lenders offering a rate that fits your budget.
  • Options to grow in the future - You may get approved for a mortgage with bad credit, but what if you want to remodel? It could be a big problem. A good credit score opens the door for home equity loans (crucial to funding all the little projects that come with owning a home).
  • Refinancing to always have the best rate - If there is a drop in the home loan rate, it’s a great time to refinance. The problem? With bad credit, you’re stuck and can’t capitalize. However, a good score allows you to refinance, so you always have the best rate (& save the most money).

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