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March 9, 2023

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WFDS stands for Wells Fargo Dealer Services. When Wells Fargo pulls your credit to approve you for a car, they will add one hard inquiry for each credit report. These hard inquiries will drop your FICO score up to 10 points per (unless removed).

Wfds Financing Approval Odds And Minimum Credit Score

The minimum FICO score for your best approval odds with WFDS is probably above 600 — though WFDS don't make that info public. Does your credit score need a boost to qualify? Check your credit report for inaccurate information, and if you find any, partner with an expert like Credit Glory to help dispute it!

Wells Fargo Dealer Services (Wfds) Phone Number

The customer service number for WFDS is 1.800.956.4442. Are you trying to contact WFDS to dispute inaccurate info? Partner with a reputable company like Credit Glory for help disputing and removing inaccurate items (boosting your score).

Wfds Loan Average Interest Rates

The average rate with WFDS is around 4.99%. How can you improve your score for a better rate? Check your credit report, and if you find inaccurate items, partner with a repair specialist — like Credit Glory — to dispute incorrect information (boosting your score).

How To Login To Your Wfds Account Online

You can login to your WFDS account using the main site for If you're logging in to make a payment, first you need to verify that their information is correct. If it isn't, then partner with a credit repair expert — like Credit Glory — to dispute the record.

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