Credit Score Dropped To 0

Updated: 11th June, 2022
Ashley Astors
Verified Collections Expert

Zero (0) credit score

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Your credit score will never hit 0, regardless of how much you have mismanaged your credit. The lowest FICO score is 300. If you are seeing a 0 credit score, you're likely using a website that uses a less popular score (such as VantageScore). Lenders will use your FICO.

Can Your Credit Score Be 0?

While the FICO scale technically goes to 0, the lowest score, in reality, is around 300. Is your score too low for the financing options you want? Partner with a credit repair expert — like Credit Glory — to dispute and remove any inaccurate items (boosting your score).

What Does It Mean When Your Credit Score Is 0?

If your credit score is 0, there is a major problem. Typically, no one gets a score below 300 — regardless of credit history. However, if you want to give your score a boost, partner with the repair experts at Credit Glory for help disputing any inaccurate items on your report.

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