Child Support On Credit Report Removed

Updated: 15th May, 2022
Ashley Astors
Verified Collections Expert

How to remove child support from your credit report

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Derogatory child support works like any other collection account. That means it can be removed from your credit report two ways: 1. Challenge the validity and accuracy by sending disputes and 2. Negotiating deletion for payment in full. You cannot remove positive child support accounts.

Child Support Credit Removal Letter Sample

You can find sample letters for removing child support from your credit report through various online sources. Looking for a better way to dispute & remove inaccurate info from your credit report? Partner with a reputable company like Credit Glory for help disputing & removing the record.

Can Child Support Arrears Be Removed From My Credit Report?

You can remove child support from your credit report if you have paid it off but it's showing as past due. The best (& easiest) way to dispute inaccurate info is working with a credit repair expert — like Credit Glory.

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