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Applying for a loan w/ Altura Credit Union?

Whether you're applying for an auto, mortgage, or personal loan, Altura Credit Union has extremely competitive rates. The problem? You need great credit to get those loan terms (if you want your best rates). Your first step to determine if you're eligible for top-tier rates is to pull your Credit Report.

You can review your Credit Report and find every inaccurate (and can potentially get removed), or contact a Credit Repair company, like Credit Glory, to walk you through that entire process.

You can schedule a free consultation with Credit Glory, or call one of their Credit Specialists, here ((833) 412-6805 ➔).

Altura Credit Union vs. Major Banks

The short answer is... it completely depends (and your mileage may vary!). Not all Credit Unions are good. Not all banks are bad. Credit Unions, like Altura Credit Union, are great for high CD rates & low interest loans / credit cards. The trade off? They're not as good because their resources, generally, are more limited for website services, apps, etc.

Credit Unions, as member owned organizations, aren't trying to make a profit. It's that simple. Of course, like any other not-for-profit, some are run well. Others? Not so much. The ultimate goal? Benefiting their members and maximizing their experience. Altura Credit Union is a good example of a relatively well-run Credit Union. Their fees are minimal, their rates for all loan types are good, too.

Keep in mind, you'll have to apply for a membership to get accepted. This means they'll most-likely review your Credit Report & determine if you're eligible. We recommend speaking with a Credit Repair company, like Credit Glory, to understand how you can potentially improve (and fix) your Credit Score (before you apply for your Credit Union membership).

Banks, on the other hand, are in-it to make a profit. Generally, this means higher fees (on average). Banks also generally don't focus on the community the same way Credit Unions do. Credit Unions have memberships, while banks are generally open to anyone, anywhere. The primary pros of banks are generally better business services that are tailored to individual situations in a more comprehensive way. Also, if you plan to travel internationally, you save a lot of headache with a major bank account (and credit card).

What Is Altura Credit Union?

Altura Credit Union is a lender based in Riverside, CA. Is your score a bit too low for a credit line at Altura? Check your credit report for any inaccurate items, & then dispute them with help from an expert — like Credit Glory.

Altura Credit Union Credit Card - Minimum Credit Score Requirements

Altura Credit Union offers approval with a credit score from 640. The catch is you need a score of 700+ for competitive rates that won't cost you a ton. Give your score a boost by partnering with a repair expert — like Credit Glory — & dispute any false items, today!

Altura Credit Union Personal, Auto And Mortgage Loan Rates

The interest rates for Altura Credit Union fluctuate over time. The best way to ensure a great rate is with a great credit score. If yours is a little low, look for any inaccurate items on your report then, if you find any, dispute them with help from an expert (like Credit Glory).

Altura Credit Union Secured Credit Card - Minimum Credit Score Requirements

Altura Credit Union offers a secured credit card that doesn't consider your credit score. The catch is you need to secure it with some form of collateral. Instead, give your score a boost for a regular CC by partnering with a repair expert — like Credit Glory — & dispute any false items, today!

Does Altura Credit Union Have Online Banking?

Altura Credit Union offers online banking through their portal at Before you log-in and make a payment, you should verify that their information is accurate. If it isn't — & it's on your credit report — dispute them with help from the experts at Credit Glory.

Altura Credit Union Personal, Auto And Mortgage Loan Reviews

Altura Credit Union has 9 complaints filed against them with the BBB in the last 3 years. Some customers claim that ACU is reporting incorrect information on their credit report. If this is happening to you, partner with a reputable company — like Credit Glory — for help disputing them!

Altura Credit Union Main Office

  • ADDRESS: 2847 Campus Pkwy
  • CITY, STATE ZIP CODE: Riverside, CA 92507-0906
  • COUNTRY: United States
  • COUNTY: Riverside
  • PHONE: 877-258-8721
  • CEO/MANAGER: Jennifer Binkley

Altura Credit Union History & Information

  • DATE INSURED: 27528
  • CHARTER STATE: California
  • REGION: 3 - Western
  • FIELD OF MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Non-Federal Credit Union
  • ASSETS: 1595966455
  • PEER GROUP: 6 - $500,000,000 and greater

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