Breaking down American Express CreditSecure: Can CreditSecure accurately monitor your credit?

April 10, 2023

Find out what you need to look for when choosing a credit monitoring company, so you can get a free and accurate score to make decisions on.

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American Express has an A+ rating with the BBB. They have been helping their customers keep an eye on their credit since 1850. These alerts let customers fix problems.

What does American Express CreditSecure do (& are their services legit)?

If you're looking for a loan, you need to know your credit score. Credit monitoring helps you get accurate credit information, which you can use to fix any inaccuracies. Choosing the right company is essential, and it's important to use one that's reputable. American Express CreditSecure offers credit monitoring services, but are they legit (& accurate)? Customer reviews say it's great for timely alerts and updated FICO scores.

American Express CreditSecure can identify errors, but they can't fix them.

3 critical items you need to consider before monitoring your credit

1. If you aren't monitoring your credit, you need to be.

If you're planning on getting a loan you need to know your credit score first. Using credit monitoring tells you your score — and it also alerts you when there are changes. Knowing about potential identity theft, fraud, or data breaches prevents your credit score from taking serious hits. Additionally, knowing your score helps you set goals and plan, so you can get a low rate (& great deal) on a loan.

2. Don't get scammed by illegitimate credit monitoring services.

Credit monitoring at a low price (or free) sounds like a deal, right? Wrong, this is a big red flag that it may be a scam. You also encounter another (big) reason to proceed with caution. Signing up for a credit monitoring service involves sharing sensitive information. What can you do for security?

The best way to protect yourself (& your identity) is looking for common red flags. A few are:

  • Asking for personal information over the phone or email.
  • Requiring payment through money order or gift cards.
  • Poor ratings or customer reviews with an accredited agency (like the BBB).

Last, and certainly not least, do your due diligence. Anytime you fork over personal information to a company you need to research the company & verify credibility. The good news? You're reading this review, so you're too smart to be grifted by con-artists.

3. An essential (& commonly overlooked) component of credit monitoring: identity protection (& does CreditSecure offer it?)

Good credit requires more than just monitoring. A critical component? Identity Protection. Without ID protection fraudsters could wreck your credit in the blink of an eye. In fact, according to the FTC, 9 million identities are stolen every year! The bottom line? You need identity protection w/ your credit monitoring package.

The good news? CreditSecure does include ID protection in their plan. With this crucial component, you have  more comprehensive monitoring. CreditSecure's "free ID protection" includes dark web monitoring, identity theft insurance, lost wallet assistance, & identity restoration support.

What's the verdict on American Express CreditSecure — legit or scam?

  • Can you sign up for free? - CreditSecure is $1 for the first 30 days — and $16.99/month after that.
  • Is it safe to monitor credit with CreditSecure? - American Express is accredited by the BBB (with an A+ rating).
  • Do they offer an app? - CreditSecure is an online service that currently isn't available as an app.
  • Is there a cost to cancel? - There's no cost to cancel CreditSecure.
  • Do they include ID protection? - It does. Customers get dark web monitoring, identity restoration support, identity theft insurance, and even lost wallet assistance.
  • What makes American Express CreditSecure special? - Triple bureau FICO score reporting, refreshed monthly credit report, dark web monitoring, social security trace alerts, credit score simulator.
  • Will checking my credit score with CreditSecure lower my score? - Checking your score with CreditSecure won't impact your credit.

Our recommendation: should you work with American Express CreditSecure to monitor your credit?

American Express CreditSecure can be a useful tool for monitoring your credit. And while they offer ID protection, other companies — like IdentityIQ — offer more tools to keep you safe. Giving you more for your money!

Why you get more with IdentityIQ (over American Express CreditSecure)

IdentityIQ is a great alternative to American Express CreditSecure. They offer accurate credit reporting from all three bureaus as well as comprehensive identity protection including:

  • $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement
  • Coverage for personal expense compensation
  • Dark web monitoring
  • US-based ID restoration services

They even provide you with a credit score simulator to help you create a plan for improving your credit score.

What credit monitoring does & doesn't do for you

First, let's start with what credit monitoring does do for you. Every company (& monitoring plan) has different aspects that they track. In general, monitored items include several principal areas such as:

  • (Hard) Inquiries
  • New accounts opened
  • Current balances
  • Payment history
  • Bankruptcies

This watchdog is a powerful tool — but there are limitations. It functions like an alarm. It alerts you to an issue, but handling the problem is up to you. Dealing with inaccurate (or incorrectly reported) items in these areas is an entirely new problem that monitoring alone can't solve. This is where credit repair, either on your own or with an experienced expert, saves the day.

Credit monitoring + credit repair: A holistic approach to your credit

Credit monitoring is only half the equation for healthy credit. The other half? Credit repair. Credit monitoring alerts you to errors — but doesn't fix them. Removing the errors is a job for credit repair.

You could take on a notoriously convoluted credit industry and repair on your own (good luck w/ that). The better way? Partner with a reputable credit repair company (like Credit Glory). Credit Glory has the experience to fix errors in all areas monitored by credit monitoring companies.

Help your financial future with Credit Glory

Disputing negative items on your credit report is hard work!  It takes a lot of time, effort, organization, and follow up.  The good news?  Our team of credit repair professionals are here to simplify everything!  Let your dedicated credit repair expert relieve you of the stress, hassle, and time needed to fight your inaccuracies.

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