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Your Top 3 Ways To Remove Unpaid Collections From Your Credit Report

Find out 3 ways you can remove an unpaid collection from your credit report. Also, learn how help from Credit Glory makes removal way easier, today!

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Removal w/help from an expert, DIY disputes, and goodwill letters are your best 3 ways to remove unpaid collections. The easiest way is w/help from a reputable company — like Credit Glory — w/ high ratings (4.9/5.0 Stars)!

Why you need to check collections on your credit report

Collections on your credit report (unpaid or otherwise) destroy your credit score. What can you do? Your first best option is checking the info for accuracy. If the info isn't accurate — which happens on 20% of reports according to the FTC — you can clear them from your report with a dispute. Filing that dispute w/help from a pro (like Credit Glory) is your easiest way!

Your best 3 ways to remove your unpaid collections

There are three ways you can remove unpaid collections from your report. What are they? If the info is inaccurate you can either do a DIY dispute or let an expert help you. If the info is correct, a goodwill letter may help.

1. Dispute w/help from Credit Glory

Disputing w/help from Credit Glory is your easiest option. They simplify the disputing process and take the headache out. After the negative item is removed, let Credit Glory dispute any other inaccurate info (boosting your score)!

2. DIY disputing

You can also dispute the negative item DIY. The downside? It isn't easy, and there are many steps that must be right for it to work. You have to find a dispute letter template, write a letter (w/all the correct info), and then locate (& copy) all supporting documentation for the claim. The worst part? You have no support to help you along the way when you go the DIY route.

3. Write a goodwill letter

If the info is accurate, your next best step is to write a goodwill letter to the creditor. The problem? Goodwill letters are not guaranteed to work, and the unpaid collection may be stuck on your report (hurting your score).

What if the three methods don't work for you (& you can't remove the unpaid collection)?

If the three methods don't work for you — what should you do? A great place to start is to work on what you can control and repair your credit (increasing your score). What is credit repair? Credit repair starts with checking your report for any other inaccurate items, which usually gives your score a boost (fast).

What's your easiest way to find (& dispute) any inaccurate items: DIY or w/help from Credit Glory?

Handling the dispute process on your own is tedious and time-consuming. An easier way? Let Credit Glory — a dispute expert — handle the whole process (saving you time & money).

Choosing Credit Glory for help with your dispute provides:

  • A tested dispute process - Credit Glory uses a refined dispute process, with success removing negative items.
  • Unmatched 100% Money-Back Guarantee - Qualify for a full refund if Credit Glory can't remove inaccurate negative items in 90-days.
  • Best-in-class customer support - Disputes are generally complicated and involve waiting. Credit Glory beats DIY by a mile providing access to comprehensive customer support.

You keep creditors accountable for inaccurate reporting easily w/help from Credit Glory

Disputing negative items on your credit report is hard work! It takes a lot of time, effort, organization, and follow up. The good news? Our team of credit repair professionals is here to simplify everything! Let your dedicated credit repair expert relieve you of the stress, hassle, and time needed to fight your inaccuracies and boost your credit score (FAST!)

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