What Makes You A Good Credit Repair Candidate?

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2023

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You might wonder if credit repair services are the best course of action, especially if you are considering cleaning up your credit report to improve your overall credit score. With the aid of Credit Glory's credit restoration services, people have raised their credit ratings and acquired financial freedom. Now so can you!

What qualifies you as a potential candidate for credit repair services? This article will examine the criteria used to help determine whether you're a good candidate for credit repair services, or not. We will also be highlighting how Credit Glory, in particular, can support your journey to achieving your perfect credit score.

Do I Need Credit Repair?

Technically nothing inhibits you from attempting to repair your credit report on your own. You may even attempt disputing negative items to have them removed from your credit report. However, it is normal for people to feel overwhelmed when the efforts they have invested do not change their credit reports or credit scores.

If you would like the process to run smoother, have experts working to repair your credit instead. Then it is best you consult a credit repair agency. The convenience and speed afforded by their service tend to outweigh any drawbacks. For example, Credit Glory even provides FREE case reviews to help kickstart your credit repair journey.

Common reasons that may suggest it is time to consider credit repair include:

  • Filed for bankruptcy at least 6 months before searching for a credit repair company.
  • Have several inaccuracies or other negative items on your credit reports that you can’t deal with easily.
  • Debts that cannot be validated or verified.
  • Negative items on your credit reports that you have unsuccessfully disputed before.
  • A credit score of less than 620 is subject to subprime rates.
  • No time is available to focus on fixing your credit.

Are There Negatives To Hiring Credit Repair Agents?

Yes, just like most facets of life, there exists a yin and yang to every situation. These aspects also require your consideration before proceeding.

You might want to consider other options first if you:

  • Can not afford to hire a credit company.
  • Are familiar with the credit repair process yourself.

When Could My Request For Help Be Rejected?

Being rejected by credit repair companies isn’t common practice, but it is possible. It’s generally done due to necessity as opposed to choice. Unfortunately, Some scenarios have repeated themselves enough times to require established boundaries. Credit repair services may decline potential clients based on reasons listed below. See if you match any of the possible rejection criteria.

  • Requesting the credit repair company to delete all negative items off your credit reports, even though those items are accurate.
  • Demand immediate results – credit reports can’t be fixed overnight.
  • Have been declared bankrupt or are currently bankrupt. In this case, you should approach a credit repair service six months after your bankruptcy filing, when you have started rebuilding your credit history again.
  • Have credit card debt – you can pay this off or get debt management advice.
  • Have recent debt and open balances – there is not much that a credit repairer can do to help you with this. Current debt should simply be handled as a priority; start finding ways to repay and try avoid missing any payments.
  • Have overdue student loans – contacting the student loan company and negotiating a settlement, forbearance, or deferment is best.
  • Have a minimal number of negative items on your credit reports – if you only have one or two negative items on your credit report,
  • Have unrealistic expectations – you must try to work with the credit repairer to set achievable goals. E.g., Jumping from a score of 300 to 600 in a month is impossible.

Bottom Line

Credit repair can be a helpful tool for people who have trouble raising their credit ratings and achieving their financial objectives. It's crucial to thoroughly assess whether or not credit repair is appropriate for you if you're considering using a service like Credit Glory. You may be a good candidate for credit repair if you meet specific criteria, such as

  • Having a low credit score, or
  • numerous negative items on your credit report, or
  • not having enough time to devote to restoring your credit.

However, there are other circumstances in which credit repair may not be the best course of action for you, such as

  • when you cannot afford to employ a credit repair business,
  • when there aren't any negative entries on your credit report, or
  • when you have unrealistic expectations.

Ultimately, the choice to pursue credit repair is a personal one. It is crucial to carefully balance the benefits and drawbacks before deciding, but rest assured, Credit Glory will be ready to review your case if you choose to recruit some expert assistance.

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